Monday, November 3, 2008

Reach 1,000's of Convenience Stores

Hi C-Store Wholesalers and Distributors. Thanks for visiting our Blog. Here is a guaranteed way to get your product out of the warehouse and into our c-stores.

The Mr. Checkout Product Placement Blitz will get your products on 1,000 to 5,000 checkout counters in busy c-stores serviced by professional direct-store-delivery jobbers that provide full-service merchandising within 3 weeks.

Here is what you receive:

1. A digital photo of your product at each checkout counter sent to you each week in an Excel file. See our Photo Gallery for examples;

2. The complete contact info for each retail store location include manager's name and phone number sent to you each week in an Excel file.

3. An excellent working relationship with our full-service, direct-store-delivery Mr. Checkout distributor that services the convenience store;

4. A unique opportunity to sell the store's customers on the value of your product;

5. An easy way to show the store owner and manager that your product is a winner;

6. An invaluable opportunity to convince the distributor that placed your display that he or she should make your product an on-going stock item;

7. A nationwide photo gallery for your website of your product in action at the checkout-counter in busy convenience stores coast to coast.

8. A 1 Year Membership as a Supplier Member to Mr. Checkout ($495 Value) that includes an 8 line listing in our weekly What's Hot eZine broadcast to our Group.

Cost: Your investment cost for the Mr. Checkout Blitz is $20 per Retail Store Location plus 1 free fill per store. We recommend a small display that will turn quickly to keep your costs low and to increase the conversion to sales. See Agreement below. Minimum Locations: 500 Maximum: 6,000

The Mr. Checkout Product Placement Blitz uses the good will that our Mr. Checkout distributors have established with their retail customers to get your product to market.
This is a win-win for everyone ... Join Our Success!


Bob and Dirk

Bob Goldstein, President
Dirk Nieuwenhuis, VP Marketing
Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc.
1650 SW 22nd Ave. Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33486
561-367-0076 office
800-367-0076 office toll-free
561-367-0021 fax

Supplier Membership Form:
Blitz Agreement:
Sample of Blitz Supplier Photo Gallery:

Wholesale: Cowboy Jerky

Cowboy Jerky Saddle up to six new flavors of meat snacks by Cowboy Jerky LLC. Available in Original, Teriyaki, Jalapeno (Medium), Peppered, Honey Glazed Peppered and Habanero (Hot), the 97-percent fat-free jerky is high in protein and is made with American beef in the U.S., the company stated. The jerky is packaged in 3.5-ounce transparent, hanging display pouches and designer gift pouches containing all six varieties, according to the company. The company also offers packaging and display racks, gift pouches, promotional items and point-of-purchase materials.Cowboy Jerky LLC, Longmont, Colo.303-651-0532;
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